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8 Questions To Answer This Winter To Live Intentionally

"Don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet, but the roots down there are riotous." -Rumi

Are you feeling winter's effects in your life?

As I write, the wind is whipping outside my window, I’m bundled in a cozy sweater, and I have a space heater and the pups at my feet.

We are in the heart of winter, and the cold, darkness and harsh weather can take a toll on all of us.

Do you long for warmer temperatures and more daylight hours? I know that I do at times, but then I remind myself that there's a reason and purpose for the winter season.

Just like all beings, we too, need time to rest, renew and rejuvenate.

Winter is a time to settle in and take stock. Deciduous trees are laid bare in winter; with the showiness of the leaves long gone, you can clearly see the structure of the trunk and branches, and with the harshness of winter weather, the strength of their roots is revealed.

"Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you think you have been buried, but you’ve actually been planted." -Christine Caine

How Winter's Energy Can Help You Live Intentionally

You don't have to stand bare in a winter storm to notice the core of who you are. But you can slow down and shed the obligations of the holiday season and look inward.

You can give yourself time and space to assess what’s true for you.

You can continue the reflection process I shared in my last blog post, Make Reflections, Not Resolutions, knowing you are perfect just the way you are and you do NOT need to change.

Now is the time to let what you notice sink in and allow your heart to weigh in and share its wisdom.

8 Questions To Ask Yourself As You Welcome Winter's Nurturing And Enter a New Year

  1. What do I want to take with me?

  2. What do I want to leave behind?

  3. What serves me?

  4. What holds me back?

  5. What nourishes me?

  6. What depletes me?

  7. What is within my control?

  8. How can I find peace with the things that are out of my control?

Remember, this is a process. Like planting a seed, you will need to continue to nourish it to help it grow.

Each time you consider these questions, you'll go deeper into your core and notice the new ideas, thoughts, and feelings that appear. You don't need to change them, just acknowledge them. Let these ideas sink in, and notice what the universe sends your way.

How To Slowly Transition Toward Spring

Once you've considered these questions and given your heart a voice, you will have a sense of what’s next and how you want to move into spring.

The reality is that slowly day by day, we are moving toward the light of spring, and before we know it the next season will be here.

But there is no rush to “do” anything more right now.

Be open and curious to what unexpectedly might cross your path. When you leave yourself time and space, life has a way of offering surprises and new perspectives.


More good news: You don't have to work through this alone!

As a coach, I support my clients through this discovery process so they can embrace their authentic selves with joy and freedom.

Let’s chat and explore what’s right for you.


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