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Make Reflections, Not Resolutions

Here's a radical thought... You are perfect just the way you are and you do NOT need to change.

With the New Year just around the corner, so much of the cultural messaging is focused on what you need to change about yourself, accompanied by the quick, easy, yet often costly ways to make those changes.

What if you embraced yourself and leaned into who you actually are, just as you are?

What if you allowed that message to take up more space in your mind, your body, and your heart? If you gave yourself more space to just be, there would be less room for what you feel like you have to change and so much more room for you, the beautiful, whole, and the worthy person you are right now!

This new year, I invite you to release the notion that you need to change your body, your habits, your diet, your wardrobes, etc., to be beautiful and loved!

Instead of creating resolutions to make unnecessary changes, reflect and set intentions for the year instead.

What distinguishes an intention from a resolution?

Resolution: the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict or problem; a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Synonyms - plan, commitment, pledge, willpower, firmness, determination

Often, a resolution begins with a problem that needs to be fixed. You are NOT a problem that needs fixing.

The solution or resolution is then often rigid and fixed, not allowing for flexibility as needs change. Resolutions are future-focused and aspirational.

Intention: an act or instance of determining upon some action or purpose; attitude toward the effect of one's actions or conduct.

Synonyms - process, purpose, aim, hope, motivate

Intention begins with a purpose rather than a problem.

Often an intention is more about the attitude toward the result and therefore allows for more flexibility to meet changing needs as they arise. Intentions are based on the present and are affirmational.

See the difference between this intention and resolution?:
  • Resolution: "Start going to the gym 4 times a week to lose weight"

  • Intention: "I move my body daily and feel grounded and focused."

Ready to craft your own intentions?

Use the Reflection and Intention cards below. As you do, stay open and curious about what comes up. Notice how this process feels different from starting with a problem and striving to find a solution to fix that problem.

Take time to reflect on the past year. What lessons you have learned and how have you grown? Reflect on your highs, and acknowledge the lows. Then, set a few intentions for 2023.

Click to download a printable version:

New Year Intention Cards
Download PDF • 75KB

Prefer to type? Click here to grab a template with text boxes.

I shared this News Years Reflections/Intentions tool with my coaching clients last year, and I wanted to share it with more people like you. Because guess what… you ARE beautiful and loved right now, just as you are!

Please share these Reflections/Intentions cards with your friends and family!

Enjoy this process, and let me know if anything surprising or exciting comes up for you. My “door” is always open to you. I can offer support as you move through the challenges of life, celebrate successes with you or simply check in.

May 2023 be filled with health, laughter in your home, love in your heart, and light shining upon your path!




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