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4 Ways to Embrace Spring’s Energy When Winter is Still Hanging On

As the winter weather melts away, we start seeing new signs of spring every day: The trees are beginning to form tiny buds, early flowers are blooming, and the beloved bulbs of spring are emerging from the cold, barren ground.

Spring is a time for renewal, and just like the natural world around us, we too can embrace the energies of spring and create intentional steps to renew ourselves.

I love spring as the planting season begins, with its bright colors and warmer sunny days. I also find this liminal period challenging, when winter intermittently takes hold of our days while spring is dutifully trying to emerge.

It’s hard to get my footing and feel grounded during this transition.

On sunny days I feel energized, but I notice at this time of year, when it's cold, cloudy, and drizzling, I feel drained and unmotivated.

Walking my dog this afternoon during a brief respite from the rain, I was reminded that the transition from winter to spring, like so many things in our lives, is a process.

I saw many signs of spring: the crocus were blooming, buds on the cherry trees were forming, and the broad leaves of tulips were beginning to emerge. Yet the full vibrancy of spring is still several weeks away.

We, too, are like the newly formed buds, still hard and green, waiting to bloom. This is when we can take intentional steps to let go of the internally focused energies of winter and begin to embrace the energies of spring one step at a time.

I invite you to join me in using these 4 steps to embrace the energies of spring and notice the magic of renewal and how it impacts your well-being, your energy, your relationships, your motivation, and beyond.

4 Steps to Embrace Spring’s Energy in Your Life

1: Honor your personal process.

Each one of us is on our own journey, and just like a seed, we have what we need to grow, thrive, and bloom within ourselves.

Often we look externally for the answers or validation that we are “doing it right.”

At times an external guide, like a coach, can be useful, but ultimately you have the wisdom within yourself to know if you are on the right path.

I invite you to take time to check in with yourself. You may be surprised at the answer you find just beneath the surface.

2: Shift comparison.

We all know that “comparison is the thief of joy.”

But as humans, we are hardwired to compare and assess all the time from a primal need for safety.

Although we no longer need to compare the danger of a saber-toothed tiger and mammoth, we still spend much of our time in comparison mode. Have you noticed that we often compare what we perceive as our own weaknesses or flaws to others' strengths?

Bring curiosity and shift your approach to comparison from one of harsh judgment to simply noticing and honoring differences.

Spring is a wonderful time to step outside to notice beauty in many forms. The cherry tree will never grow as tall as the oak tree, the Doug fir will not bloom like a magnolia, and yet each one of these trees is beautiful, strong, and worthy in its own right.

3: Identify your intentions.

When we focus on intentions rather than outcomes, it helps align our actions with our purpose and provides us with motivation when we encounter challenges.

Combining goals with intentions allows us to take meaningful actions in the present that will lead us to accomplish our goals.

When you set goals for yourself, also create intentions and this will bring alignment and fulfillment to your life right now.

4: Mark your progress and celebrate your wins.

When we are climbing a mountain or trying to reach a big goal, it is easy to get fixated on summiting or achieving the end result.

In fact, we do this to the point that we don't even see, acknowledge, or experience the progress along the way.

When I’m hiking, I now make it a practice to turn around and look at how far I have come, take in the view which offers a different perspective, and relish in the progress I have made.

As you move through these steps and embrace the energies of spring, mark and celebrate the progress you make, the connections you are building, your motivation, and your energy, and celebrate these milestones!

As you begin to embrace the energies of spring, remember: just like a flower blooming, it is a process.

Some days will feel wildly successful, while others may just be about getting through the day.

Remember to honor your process, celebrate your wins and be kind and gentle with yourself as you emerge into this new season.

And if you want me on your team as your coach...


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