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Hi, I’m Sarah:

ICF Certified Coach, Business Consultant, Speaking Professional,

Collaborative Leader, Artist, and Nature Lover.

Here for you!

I believe that like a seed, you have within you exactly what you need to bloom. We all grow at different rates and sometimes we need the nourishment of support to thrive in our unique ways.

Our most important work isn't about doing more; it's about tapping into your inner wisdom, listening to your heart, and allowing your core values to be your guide as you make choices about your business, your career, and your life.

I'm passionate about supporting people, like you, to make bold changes to align your life so that it truly reflects who you are and what you love most. 


You are Whole & Complete!

It's Been A Journey!

I spent years of my life struggling to feel successful, fulfilled, and confident in both my professional and personal life. Despite my outward appearance of success, I never felt like I was good enough, and in my heart I felt I was letting everyone in my life down, especially myself. 


I knew that my unhappiness affected everyone around me, but I felt totally stuck. I didn’t know where to turn for support or how to do things differently. I felt lost in my own life. I couldn't figure out how to maintain a healthy professional life and still have time and energy for myself.

Have you ever felt that way?

In September of 2019, I stepped away from the career that I felt defined the very essence of who I was and what I had to offer the world and I took a courageous step on my new path.  I hired a coach, and we identified my core values and aligned my actions to my goals so I could find a career that honored my strengths, gave time to my family, and allowed me to live a life that is a reflection of my authentic self.

And Today?

Today, I’m a leader in my own life. I created a life of Intentional Living full of joy and satisfaction. I choose how I spend my time and energy. I aligned my actions with my values and goals. I know how to listen to my body and inner wisdom.  When I start falling into old patterns of stress and overwhelm, I give myself permission to pause and make an intentional choice about how I want to proceed.

I learned to give my heart a voice and to trust that voice to be my guide. I discovered that within me I have the strength, wisdom, and courage to make the changes I most desire.

I founded my own coaching and consulting business to support and guide others as they embark on their own journey of self-exploration, seeking their inner wisdom and creating a life that truly reflects their authentic selves. 



What would your life be like if you were
a leader in your own life?
Let's find out together!

There's nothing I love more than witnessing the transformation of others as they discover their inner wisdom and become leaders in their own lives.

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I bring my commitment to supporting others with compassion and kindness along with my professional experience as a mentor, teacher, trainer, guide, and coach. I offer a dynamic and solution-based approach with unique perspectives to each of my clients. Each service and program that I offer is designed to meet you where you are and to take you where you want to go.

My Personal Core Values













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  • 20+ years of non-profit leadership experience

  • Founder of 3 small businesses

  • International Coaching Federation Accreditation - Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC)

  • Coach Training World Certifications - Certified Professional Coach and Whole Person Certified Coach® 

  • Xenium HR Courses- Coaching and Constructive Feedback, Strategic Hiring, Skills for Managers, Leadership Essentials, Time Management and Delegation

  • Master trainer

  • Inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (IDEA) champion

  • Proficiency in Spanish: speak, read, write   

  • Bachelor of Arts University of Oregon - Majors: English and Spanish,  Minor: Anthropology

  • Community Involvement: It is my honor to offer my experience and expertise, and serve as a volunteer and board member for several prominent Portland-based community organizations.

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Fun Facts

  • Originally from Albuquerque, NM.

  • Have had an animal every year of my life except for one.

  • Current animals super mutts Jango and Charlie Brown. 

  • Hiked portions of the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide, Boundaries Waters trails, the Inca Trail and aspire to hike many more.

  • Have been baking my own bread for 27 years.

  • My house was built in 1908.

  • Top 5 Themes from StrengthsFinder: Developer, Empathy, Restorative, Connectedness & Relator

  • I LOVE beets, brussels sprouts, sauerkraut and marshmallows!

It’s time to flourish in ways beyond your wildest dreams.

Take your first step and let’s discover what’s possible together!

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