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3 Reminders To Make The Most Of Autumn

“In every ending there is a new beginning.”― Deborah Harkness, Shadow of Night

It is officially autumn and we’re seeing signs of fall all around us. Where I live, summer is most definitely over.

I often feel a loss at the end of summer as I lament the end of 15+ hours of daylight, warm evenings and summer adventures. Yet at the same time I look forward to cooler days, cozy clothes and fall flavors because I know that a new summer will return next year.

I know that I cannot change the flow of the seasons and resisting these natural changes elicits big feelings of FOMO and harsh self criticism about what I didn’t do this last summer.

When I let go of what I love about summer and embrace what I love about fall, I feel grounded and at peace with the reality of what is.

Need help feeling at peace with the seasonal transition? Save these three gentle reminders:

1. This is an Opportunity for New Beginnings

With this change of season, I’m reminded that an ending is an opportunity for new beginnings in many aspects of life.

Seeing the change of seasons as a new beginning is a simple and accessible place to begin, because we know that the seasons are cyclical and our favorite will return year after year.

When we experience the end of a job, relationship or another life event it is not always clear that this ending will be the foundation of a new beginning. Just as in nature, the end of something makes way for something new that holds true for other endings in our lives.

2. Learn to Let Go: Acceptance is Key

Letting go of something important or near and dear to our hearts can be a challenge.

Part of letting go is accepting that this phase of your life is over and allowing yourself to feel the loss, sadness and other emotions that are present.

If we ignore our feelings and try to cling on to the past, the pain doesn't go away but rather takes hold and creates a sense of being stuck. Inevitably, as what we are clinging to from the past settles in, it directs our actions, thoughts and feelings– often without even realizing it.

If we take time to grieve a loss or an ending (remember, grieving isn’t just for the loss of a loved one) it opens space in our hearts and minds for something new. Letting go allows for space to be created for something new that will truly nourish you.

3. You Can Move Toward a Fresh Start

When something comes to an end, we have the opportunity to see our successes, challenges and what we have learned from these past experiences, jobs and relationships and use them to intentionally move toward a fresh start.

It might feel daunting to move toward something new and unknown, but rest assured you have actually done it many times in your life, so you are not starting from scratch.

And if you’re moving toward a fresh start– or know that you want to…

The possibilities can seem endless or it might be unclear where to start.

Did you know that coaching helps you to find clarity about what you want to move towards and supports you in building the confidence and courage to actually take your first steps?

Are you ready for a fresh start or simply curious if coaching is right for you?

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