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How You Can Tap Into Winter's Energy This Year

"Winter is a season of recovery and preparation." -Paul Theroux

Today is the Winter Solstice and the official first day of winter!

Some people love winter, being out in the cold and enjoying winter sports. At the same time, others prefer to spend more time inside, perhaps by a cozy fire with a good book or finishing the knitting project set aside last June.

Winter can be a struggle for some people as shorter days afford less light, reduced physical activity, and offer fewer spontaneous social occasions.

Regardless of your relationship with winter, we can all use this time to build reserves, resiliency and resources for the growth and change that spring will undoubtedly bring.

We can take another lesson from trees. They've dropped their leaves and have refocused their outward energy inwards. Trees build their internal resources in winter to sustain themselves through the cold dark months, preserving their energy to flourish in the spring.

We, too, can use this season to take time to focus inwards; we can lay a strong foundation and build resiliency for whatever we may encounter in the new year.

How You Can Tap Into Winter's Energy

Below are a few ways to embrace winter energy. Choose a couple, give them a try and notice how your body feels. Take note of your emotions and thoughts as well. Play around until you find what works best for you and your unique winter needs.

1. Discover Winter Activities

Winter is a time to replenish your body, which is an active process even if it's not readily visible to others. Think of all the work happening below the surface of the earth to prepare for the coming of spring.

Choose activities that you love. Experience them fully and then rest. This is a time to slow down and allow your body to rest, heal and refuel.

Giving yourself time and space to take things at a slower pace is crucial to the cycle allowing you to thrive.

2. Enjoy Winter Foods

While there is no need to change what you are eating during the winter months, it’s a great time to consider adding additional nutritional sources to your diet or to try new ways to prepare foods that bring warmth and comfort.

Consider making soups and stews with beans, squash, and root vegetables. Explore creating hearty and veggie-packed casseroles and creating fruit-based desserts to ensure that you still have a nutrient-rich diet even if your favorite fresh foods are not readily available.

3. Truly Embrace Winter Energy

Winter is a time to slow down, focus inward and notice what you have learned from the autumn practice of letting go.

What shifts and changes have occurred since you, like the trees, released what you no longer need?

This self-reflection will help replenish your energy and can be done in many ways, like writing, meditating or reading. Choose a practice that nourishes your soul.

There are often many social engagements and obligations around the winter holidays, so what better time to explore your own needs and find ways to refill your cup? Consider limiting your engagements-- choose the ones you want to attend and wholeheartedly say yes, and pass on the ones you don’t want to attend.

Winter is about storing and restoring potential and possibilities. It's about using our resources wisely, including time, energy, and money.

Choose activities, foods, and gatherings that align with your heart, purpose, and desires; you will be richly rewarded when the newness of spring arrives.

If you are being pulled in too many directions and cannot find time for yourself, reach out.

Let me help you navigate through this winter season and refill your cup. Schedule a quick complimentary Exploration Call!


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