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Summer Outdoor Coaching Series


Nature Inspire Group Coaching

for Busy Portlanders

Wilshire Park

33rd Ave & NE Skidmore

10:00 AM-12: 00 PM

June11: July16 : August 20

Individual Coaching


Part 1: Pause

June 11, 2023

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

For anyone who's caught up in the hustle and wants catch their breath, Pause and connect with their inner wisdom. let your inner wisdom be your guide.

Thrive: Single Session

Accelerate Your Growth.

A single, power coaching session. Use this focused space to dive deep into a particular goal, find clarity and discover next steps.

Group Programs

Seed: Group Workshop

Discover Your Potential!

A 2-hour online workshop that teaches you to nourish your heart and connect with your inner wisdom, so you can begin to grow into who you are meant to be!

Sprout: Group Program

Life Reimagined.

A group coaching community of courageous people like you. We explore what is possible when we seek progress rather than perfection.


Here's the truth: 

You are whole and complete!

Everyone can benefit from having some extra support. I’d love to work with you, be in your corner, listen to you with compassion, and provide a space for you to

discover your own wisdom!

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