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A Step-by-Step Plan for the New Year

2024 has just begun, and if you're like me, you're back to work, and life is back in full swing after some much-needed time off.

As always, I have a long task list for my vacation to help me reset for the New Year. I’ll admit I got to a few things on my list, but I did not get to everything between visiting with family and friends, a winter cold, and a bit of overindulgence. 

Perhaps this sounds familiar? Well, here is the good news:

It is not too late to create a plan for the coming year with a strong foundation based on your values and set checkpoints to ensure you stay on track or course correct as needed.

So, grab a notebook and pen or your favorite device, and let’s get started. 

Step 1: Reflect on the Past Year

Begin by reflecting and acknowledging your wins, challenges, successes, and learnings from the past year. What are your top takeaways from last year?

This will help you choose what to release, what to continue doing, shifts you might want to make, and new things you want to try.

Do you find you have a long list and are not sure where to start? I invite you to choose one area of your life to start with something simple or easy so you can practice this process before you begin to tackle the big ones!

Step 2: Create Intentions Based on Your Values

Now that you have taken time to reflect and identify an area (or areas) of your life that you want to enhance or shift, it's time to create an intention.

Intentions are based on your personal values, which serve as a guide to help you make choices and take the necessary steps toward success.

Values-based intentions allow flexibility to adapt to unforeseen challenges and opportunities while staying on your unique path. 

Step 3: Be Honest with Yourself

Self-awareness is a key to planning success.

Remember, you are not starting from scratch. Knowing your current strengths and skills that apply to your intention will give you a head start. Taking stock of the resources you already have will give you a place to turn for support when you get stuck.

Identifying potential obstacles to your success is crucial so you can be prepared to navigate them when they cross your path. 

Step 4: Get Into Action

Choose one action you can take within the next 24 hours to get started.

Rather than getting overwhelmed with a long to-do list, start small and allow your first steps to inform your next steps.

It is hard to know what this year will bring, so if you get started now instead of waiting for the “perfect” time, you will be on your journey and better equipped to handle whatever comes your way. 

Step 5: Stay Curious

When you are shifting an old pattern or starting something new, it's impossible to know everything you will encounter along the way.

Trust that you are on the right path with clear intentions and personal values as your guide.

Stay open and curious about opportunities and challenges that bring new insight. Avoid getting attached to your own ideals and other people’s expectations; keep your intentions close to your heart.

Embrace your journey, acknowledge how far you have come, and then keep going. Take time to pause, rest, reassess, and course correct as needed.

This fluid approach based on intention creates a more authentic and fulfilling process that allows you to move forward with agility and success without being attached to a specific result.

Ready to block off some time to work through your five steps toward planning for a heart-centered 2024?

Remember, you do not have to do this alone. I am here to support you along your journey.


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