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3 Steps to Respond Mindfully (Instead of Reacting)

How are you holding up?

It’s nearly winter break for the kids, social engagements are filling your calendar, your daily routines are falling by the wayside, and it seems there is no time to pause for a moment and breathe.

Maybe you're waiting in the carpool line or are standing in the kitchen waiting for the oven to ding, but you are here, and I am so glad you made it!

Below are a few quick ways to pause, give yourself a moment to notice how you are feeling, and then choose your best response-- rather than simply reacting to what’s in front of you.

Bookmark this post for easy reference whenever you seek a quick way to ground yourself and focus your energy.

3 Steps Toward A Mindful Response:

1) Be Curious.

When you encounter a situation or person that elicits a big reaction, try these 3 steps:

  • Name your feelings (hint: try to move beyond “good” and “bad”).

  • Let them be; don’t try to change your feelings.

  • Notice the message your feelings are sharing with you.

2) Ask Questions.

You can ask yourself questions and ask questions of others. When you ask questions, it gives time and space for you to choose how to respond. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What do I need right now?

  • What need am I trying to meet?

  • What can I let go of?

3) Take Action.

Now that you have identified your feelings and asked yourself a few questions, it's time to choose how to move forward. Take a moment to bring clarity to what action you will take.

  • Identify your very FIRST step.

  • What do you need to move forward?

  • Who else might be involved?

Back to life...

The oven timer is going off, or your kid is now hopping in the car. Your time is up, but remember: you always have these 3 steps in your back pocket to use at any time.

Keep it simple. Start with the step that speaks to you most, and notice how you feel and choose to respond in overwhelming situations.

Reminder: anything new takes time and practice to master, so be kind and gracious with yourself.

These three steps are at the heart of my coaching philosophy.

If you want to explore what coaching could offer you and your life, schedule a free Exploration Call and let’s chat.

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