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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Physical and Mental Renewal

Spring Cleaning can mean much more than just clearing your physical space. You can use the same basic "Spring Cleaning" principles to renew and refresh your mental and emotional spaces!

1. Set aside time daily/weekly This type of spring cleaning is a process and takes time. Give yourself the gift of a few minutes a day or maybe a chunk of time each week. ⁠

2. One step at a time Just like spring cleaning, you may want to tackle everything at once. I find it's useful to go more slowly and address the the most important things first and then continue one step at a time. BONUS- you may find that once you begin working on one area, other areas of your life begin to shift as well...⁠

3. Clear out the old Just like in your physical space, before you add anything new, the old must be cleared away to make space. The same applies as you introduce new routines, ideas and perspectives to your life.⁠

4. Choose what to keep, donate or trash

You have so much wisdom, experience and strength that you can rely on to guide you as you make changes-- hang on to these! Maybe there are beliefs that served you well during a certain time in your life but you have now moved on; donate these nuggets of wisdom and share them with someone who can use them right now! (And yes, there might be a few lingering thoughts and beliefs that hold you back; release those.)⁠

5. Seek support

These shifts can feel overwhelming if you attempt to address them on your own. Coaching is uniquely designed to support you in the process of identifying the changes you want to make, creating a step by step plan, and relying on your inner wisdom to be the guide so that you can make the shifts in your life that you most desire.⁠

Ready to start your own "Spring Cleaning"? I'm here for you along every step of the way, let's explore together! Get started with a free Exploration Call.


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