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15 Simple Energy Refueling Techniques to Try Today

Feel Depleted? You’re Not Alone

With all that we've experienced in the last 2 and half years, I've noticed that my energy levels are easily depleted and that my resiliency reserves are very low.

In the past, if I had a bad day or I heard sad news I was able to feel what I needed to at the moment, but then I was able to continue with my day.

Right now that is not the case, things are weighing much heavier on me and it is taking me much longer to feel like myself again after hearing or experiencing something hard or upsetting.

I know I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed right now because we all experienced a major upheaval in our lives and were faced with and are dealing with daily uncertainty with even the most basic things in our lives.

We have each developed coping mechanisms to survive the prolonged chaos and to continue moving forward with our lives. For many of us, this means tapping into our reserves of energy and resiliency.

Our reserves are there to help us through hard times, but what happens when we don’t take the time to refill our reserves? We become depleted.

Why You Need Energy Maintenance

Similar to a car that needs gas, oil, and regular maintenance to function properly, we need to actively fuel our energy tanks BEFORE they are completely empty. When your car runs out of gas on the road (something I have done and hope to never repeat) the car stops with no regard to your safety, your timing, and obligations and will not move until you refuel it.

Running out of gas on the side of the road becomes a much more challenging experience than regularly filling your tank(despite current gas prices).

Taking time to regularly refill your tank is necessary so you don't run out of energy when you need it most.

Lasting Impacts: Think "Small, Accessible, Easy"

Restoring your energy is not just about the moment you take a few extra breaths-- it gives you the reserves you need to navigate challenges and obstacles you encounter throughout your day, just like filling up at the pump is not just for that moment, it gives your car what it needs to get you from place to place all day long.

I have found that by creating a regular habit of refueling my energy I have the daily energy I need and that I am beginning to build back my energy and resiliency reserves.

You might be asking yourself how can I add something more to my life when it already seems too full?

All too often I see my clients trying to start a new habit with an all-or-nothing attitude which rarely works.

I see success with my clients and for myself for that matter when we start with something small, accessible, and easy. Something as simple as taking 3 mindful breaths can restore your energy and set you on the right track for your entire day.

Once you begin you will find that not only do you have the time and space to refuel your energy you will find that you have more time AND energy for what matters most to you.

15 Energy Refueling Techniques (ERT)

Below is a list of 15 Energy Refueling Techniques (ERT) that I have found helpful and I hope you do as well. I invite you to find one or two ERT that feels right to you and give them a try for a week.

You can start your day with an ERT or keep a few in your back pocket as the day unfolds, play with them and notice what works best for you.

15 Energy Refueling Techniques You Can Use Today:

  1. Take 3 deep breaths

  2. Sit quietly with eyes closed for 30 seconds

  3. Move your body

  4. Get some fresh air

  5. Hydrate yourself

  6. Check-in with a loved one

  7. Write/journal

  8. Focus on what you need in the present moment

  9. Speak kind and supportive words to yourself

  10. Do something creative

  11. Celebrate small wins

  12. Set small achievable goals

  13. Connect with a friend

  14. Listen/read something nurturing

  15. Unplug from electronics

Get Started Today: Commit To Yourself

Throughout the week, note your energy levels and how you feel, what you are saying to yourself, and any other shifts in your life.

At the end of the week, you can choose to continue, try something different or even add a few more ERT to have at your fingertips.

Want More Resiliency?

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