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The Secret to Fulfillment Isn't Goals or Strengths. It's This.

Part 1 of the Power of Core Values Series

Do you know what your core values are? They might not be what you think.

The word "values" is used a lot.

Often, we hear it linked with politics, religion, and family, when sometimes you agree with what’s being said and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes, the word "values" can even have a negative connotation.

All of this can be confusing!

The truth? Core values are unique from goals and strengths.

"Goals" and "strengths" often get lumped in with values as it relates to personal core values. But, they're different concepts.

Goals are an idea for the future, what you desire to accomplish, become or change. Goals are something you work toward accomplishing through planning and taking action.

For example, you may have a goal to start a business. So, you create a business plan, make a task list with deadlines and begin working toward accomplishing this goal.

Strengths are your skills, your gifts, the abilities you excel at, and your superpowers. Strengths are a mix of natural talent, knowledge, and practice.

One of your strengths may be staying calm in stressful situations. This is something that comes easily and naturally to you and you have seen its benefits many times.

Core Values, on the other hand, are the essence of what is important and act as your inner compass as you navigate life.

There are no inherent ethics, morals, or worth attached to a person’s core values. They are simply the guiding principles.

They help inform every moment of our lives, as we make choices, as we set goals, and as we build our families and friendships.

When you know and live your core values, you find that you're fulfilled with your life.

You feel your work is more meaningful and your relationships are deeper and stronger.

Conversely, when you are not living in alignment with your core values, you may feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and even angry.

So, how can you define your unique core values and live a life that leads to fulfillment?

One of the most effective ways to get clear on your core values is to work with a coach.

Ready to discover your core values, but not sure where to begin?

Join my Seed: Discover Your Inner Wisdom Workshop to restore joy to your life and identify what matters most to you! You will...

  • Get clarity about what’s most important to you

  • Collect tools to align your life with your core values

  • Learn grounding techniques

  • Have on-going support structures

  • Draft a plan that is uniquely yours

  • Build confidence to begin taking your first steps forward

  • Discover a sense of wholeness

This is the first of my three-part series The Power of Core Values. Check back soon for the second and third parts.


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