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You're on a roll. You've got a plan.


...but sometimes, you get stuck and need an extra boost of confidence to propel you toward your goal.


We all grow at different rates. It's important to take time to reset and recalibrate to renew our energy and focus...


So we can truly Thrive!


One-time private coaching session

How do you do it?

A single coaching session can help you reset, renew and get the momentum you need.

Let's take a breather and figure out how to best move forward toward your dreams.

Get a boost in a single session!
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Thrive: Accelerate Your Growth is a highly focused one-time coaching session that gives you time to pause and reflect on your growth, get clear on what’s most important to you, determine how you want to proceed, and know what resources you have to support you in reaching your goals.


What You'll Do

  • Get clarity about what’s most important to you

  • Collect tools to align your life with your core values

  • Find the courage to make changes

  • Dispel limiting beliefs

  • Build a customized plan to reach your goals

  • Gather confidence to take action right away

  • Discover a sense of wholeness

  • Begin the process of creating a life that reflects your authentic self

How We Do It

  • Complimentary Exploration Call to get clear on how I can best meet your needs

  • 90-minute Thrive Coaching Session 

  • Thrive Questionnaire to identify your top priorities

  • Session packet with notes and observations for the session and additional tools

 Juanita T., Business Owner

Sarah’s a wonderful coach. Her professionalism, experience, and ability to tune in to what I’m saying and needing made me feel safe, heard, and supported. She gave me the space to explore what’s on my mind and heart freely, while offering insights and exercises that helped me shift my thinking and see new possibilities. I left our session with more clarity of direction, and feeling more capable and empowered to take action towards my goals.

Lynle H.S.

I appreciate Sarah's ability to deeply listen and make me feel heard in our session. We did an amazing body wisdom exercise and I had an insight that I never saw coming. She guided me through the entire process and I felt safe throughout.

What my clients think:

Ready to


You're a force of nature. Once you uncover what’s holding you back, you’ll fly!

Autumn Sky

What makes this program different from other coaching programs?

As a Certified Whole Person Coach, I draw on my training and life experience to provide a unique balance of client-led sessions with just the right amount of guidance and support so you can discover your inner resources and trust that you know the best way to move forward.

Still have questions? 
Let's chat to see which coaching option is right for you!

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