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In this ever changing world, we can get lost in new trends and technology.


We become disconnected from what’s most important to us.


We look outward for the answers, seeking solutions that others seem to have found, but still don’t find a clear path for ourselves.

Have you noticed that?


2-hour online workshop

Try looking inward instead.

Like a seed, each one of us has everything we need within ourselves to grow and flourish.

Nourish your heart and grow the seed of wisdom within!

Find out how!

The Seed: Discover Your Inner Wisdom Workshop will guide you through a process to reconnect with the core of who you are, what you most desire, and how to use your inner wisdom as a guide.


What You'll Do

  • Get clarity about what’s most important to you

  • Collect tools to align your life with your core values

  • Grounding techniques

  • On-going support structures

  • A plan that is uniquely yours

  • Confidence to begin taking your first steps forward

  • Discover a sense of wholeness

How We Do It

  • Complimentary Exploration Call, to help you choose the right program for you

  • 2-hour online Seed:  Discover Your Inner Wisdom Workshop

  • Action-focused tools

  • Downloadable Workbook 

Spring Dates Coming Soon!

Adam N., Project Manager at NASA

Working with Sarah was truly a pleasure and very rewarding. Sarah is kindhearted and easy to talk to. She was skilled at reading between the lines and helping me see things I couldn't see myself. Her action-oriented style was key to helping me achieve my goals and I highly recommend her as a coach.

Christine T., Self Wellness Business Owner

I am grateful for my time with Sarah. I recently came into a session with a great deal of overwhelm weighing on me. She knew exactly what I needed in the moment and her questions allowed me to connect with the roots of my self-care practice. I look forward to more impactful sessions with Sarah.

What my clients think:

Ready to

Plant a Seed?
A acorn growing from a glass vase__edite

Why wait?

See what’s waiting for you and your life today!

Is this workshop a standalone program?

Yes, after completing the Seed program you will have the opportunity to continue your coaching journey with the Sprout Group Coaching Program or the Bloom 1:1 Coaching Program, but it is not necessary to get the benefits from the workshop.

Still have questions? 
Let's chat to see which coaching option is right for you!

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