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Life has a way of never slowing down to let us catch our breath.

It can be hard to get clarity about what we want to move towards.

We end up reacting rather than responding.

We move away from something we don’t want rather than taking steps toward what we truly want.

Sound familiar?


Signature 1:1 Coaching Program

Take a breath.

You're in the right place.

There’s a different way to do life!


When you plant a seed and nourish it, strong roots grow so that it can bloom exactly as it is meant to.

You can, too.
Spring Fashion

The Bloom: Flourish Beyond Your Wildest Dreams 1:1 coaching program is a personalized experience designed to bring you back to the root of who you are, with tools to grow in new ways that allow you to fully bloom!


What You'll Do

  • Deepen your self-awareness 

  • Build resiliency + emotional resolve

  • Collect tools to overcome challenges + remove obstacles

  • Find the courage to make big changes

  • Dispel your limiting beliefs

  • Gather confidence to move forward

  • Trust your inner wisdom

  • Discover a sense of wholeness

  • Begin the process of creating a life that reflects your authentic self

How We Do It

  • Complimentary Exploration Call

  • Discovery Session to give you clarity about where you want to go next and what you want to get from your coaching journey

  •  3 and 6-month coaching program options

  • In-depth Discovery Questionnaire for a 360° view of all aspects of your life

  • Session packet with notes and observations for the session and additional tools

  • A wide range of tools and exercises to support you on your journey

  • Text and email contact between sessions

  • Final session progress review

Kim O., Portland, OR

Working with Sarah is such a delight. She has provided a safe and mindful place for me to explore my values and to deep dive into cultivating my best life. Through breathing exercises and mindful mediation, she guides me to a more grounded place where I can experience a deeper knowing of my intentions.  She reminds me to stay curious and offers me the structure and accountability I need to be successful.  Her kind and compassionate approach to coaching truly create a wholehearted experience.

Mackenzie Headshot.png
Mackenzie K,, Designer & Project Manager

Sarah helped me dig deeper to understand parts of my past that are holding me back. She helped me move forward and to focus on what I can do today to let go of old stories and trauma that are no longer serving me. Since working with Sarah one of the biggest outcomes is that my professional life has solidified, which I have no doubt is a result of my sessions with Sarah. I feel privileged and lucky that she is my guide; she always knows what to say and I never feel judged. She is the person you want to hold space for you.

Give your heart a voice and see where it leads you, like these clients:

Ready to

Image by Aaron Burden

 It’s an excellent day

to let go of old patterns

and make shifts in

your life to

become joyfully fulfilled!

What makes this program different from other coaching programs?

As a Certified Whole Person Coach, I draw on my training and life experience to provide a unique balance of client-led sessions with just the right amount of guidance and support so you can discover your inner resources and trust that you know the best way to move forward.

Still have questions? 
Let's chat to see which coaching option is right for you!

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