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It looks like you have it all together, all the time.

But always striving for perfection is exhausting and lonely.

You have endless to-do lists but never feel like you do “enough” for work or your family, and you have no energy left for yourself.

Sound like you?


6-Week Small Group Coaching Program

Try this instead:

Move towards what your heart desires with freedom, and design a life you love!

Sometimes, we forget that there's another way to do life than feeling trapped in this ongoing high-achiever cycle.


Each sprout of spring brings renewal and a fresh start.

It's time for your renewal.
Crossing the River_edited_edited.jpg

The Sprout: Life Reimagined Group Program gives you time and space to take a breath and reimagine your life with freedom and joy. 


What You'll Do

  • Get clarity about what’s most important to you

  • Collect tools to align your life with your core values

  • Dispel limiting beliefs

  • Confidence in the face of uncertainty

  • Build self-compassion

  • Return to joy

  • Create a personalized plan 

  • Discover a sense of wholeness

How We Do It

  • Complimentary Exploration Call, to help you choose the right program for you

  • In-depth Discovery Questionnaire for a 360° view of all aspects of your life.

  • Program modules include

    • Identifying Core Values

    • Powerful Decision Making 

    • Exploring Limiting Beliefs

    • Building Trust in Self

    • Navigating Challenges with Compassion 

  • Text and email contact between sessions

  • Downloadable Workbook and other tools

 SOLD OUT - Winter 2023 Group
Summer 2023 Dates Coming Soon

BodiBurns headshot.jpg
Bodi B., Business Owner

Working with Sarah is a wonderful experience! She is an amazing listener and makes me feel seen and heard. When I bring emotionally heavy topics Sarah meets me with kindness and care, and supports me during the coaching session. Sarah helped me grow my leadership presence. I have been committed to put in the work to achieve my goals and Sarah has been there for me every step of the way.

shealynnosal headshot.jpg
Shealyn N., Management Consultant & Propeller

What I loved about my time with Sarah is that she encouraged me to bias towards action. In each session, we created incremental steps that would get me closer and closer to my end goal. She gave me space to explore not only what my goals were, but encouraged me to explore how I was feeling throughout our time together, both in body and in spirit. This allowed me to create goals for myself that were based in how I wanted to feel going forward.

What clients are saying:

Ready to


Imagine what's possible on the other side of perfectionism!

Take your

Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Is Sprout a standalone program?

Yes, after completing the Sprout program you will have the opportunity to continue your coaching journey with future group programs or the Bloom 1:1 Coaching Program, but it is not necessary to get the benefits from the program.

Still have questions? 
Let's chat to see which coaching option is right for you!

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